Data Labelling

Europe Only

Headquarters: Fully Remote

Help us build the next generation of AI by labelling data. In this project you will evaluate images of vehicles. Work on your own schedule and pace. This project is Europe specific, so only EU cityzens are eligible. 

Remotasks is a trusted platform connecting over 240,000 freelancers to data labeling/evaluation related work opportunities. Our freelancers have earned over ~$10M to date, providing a reliable source of income to stay-at-home parents, students, part-time employees and those facing unemployment. Compared to other platforms, getting started with Remotasks is simple and requires no prior experience or skillsets -- simply create an account, take our short language assessment, learn about the projects through our on-demand/virtual training, and you're all set. We'll keep track of your quality and throughput so you can level up and task on more projects!

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