Low-Code Backend Specialist

Anywhere in the World

Headquarters: Chicago, IL
URL: https://draftbit.com/

About The Position:

We are looking for someone with experience developing in low-code back-end software like Xano, Supabase and Backendless. This is a 40 hour/week, contractor position, starting at $52,000 USD per year. Those hours would fall between roughly 9am-6pm Central Time US, with flexibility to adjust these hours to better fit your local time zone after a successful onboarding period.

Our product, Draftbit, is a low-code mobile app builder built on a React Native/Expo stack. While much of the app development done on Draftbit is visual vs. writing code, our platform is not "drag-and-drop." We provide our customers a lot of flexibility in the type and complexity of the apps they build. Draftbit does not host our own database, rather our customers "bring their own back-ends" by integrating third-party backends/databases via REST API. It's also common that more complex apps require importing packages and inserting custom code in order to build features that are not yet part of the core Draftbit platform.

To support our customers who don't have sufficient technical backgrounds to successfully work with backend integrations or custom code, we provide a service we call Draftbit Experts. Experts are full-time members of the Draftbit team who work directly with our customers to build parts or all of their app for them in Draftbit.

Oftentimes, customers of Draftbit Experts need us to develop and integrate back-ends for the apps. In these cases, we design the database schemas and build these back-ends in a low-code platform, often Xano or Supabase.

This role would be primarily focused on database design and back-end development in those platforms, then working in Draftbit to integrate those back-ends to enable the desired experience in the customer app.

In this role, you will be expected to:

  • Collaborate with customers and other Draftbit Experts to understand their app needs and propose database/back-end designs to meet those needs
  • Be the primary builder of database schemas and app back-ends in low-code platforms (primarily Xano & Supabase)
  • Become proficient in how back-end and data integration works in Draftbit, then use those skills to create app experiences in Draftbit using the back-end you've built

About You:

In order to be successful in this role, it's essential that you:

  •  Are proficient in at least one low-code back-end platform (ideally Xano, but Supabase or Backendless also work) and have share examples of past work
  • Experience working directly with clients/customers to develop low-code backend solutions that meet their needs
  • Bonus points for having some mobile app/React Native development experience
  • Excellent verbal & written English skills

Other Useful Details:

  •  Most of our team works in the US Central time zone and we mostly orient our schedules around a 9am-6pm CT, M-F window. We'd expect you to have a schedule where you're available during at least 4-5 hours of that window.
  • We are a small team - around 10 people at the time of posting this. We have a daily team sync meeting at 10am CT, but otherwise most of us work very independently and asynchronously. We expect that you can self-manage effectively and do the same.
  • Our company is not a sweat shop. If you need to take time off, just give us some notice and do it!

How To Apply:


To help us identify the serious applicants, not just those who send generic applications and don't read job descriptions, we ask that you do the following:

  • Share an example of a back-end you developed in Xano, Supabase or Backendless.
  • Along with that example, record a short video walking us through the database design and the app (web or mobile) it was built to support. It's ok if you don't have full access to the front-end web/mobile app - you can just talk us through the use case.

We will only review applications that follow those two directions! Thank you!

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/draftbit-low-code-backend-specialist


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