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Headquarters: New Zealand

Do you like to figure things out? Are you curious, detailed and quality minded? As a Tester at GoSkills, you’ll work directly with talented designers and developers to ensure we provide a reliable and delightful user experience.

About GoSkills is an award-winning online education company that provides on-demand courses for busy professionals and teams that want to level-up their business skills quickly and effectively.

We are a small independent SaaS company with a great team culture.

Job description
We are looking for a motivated QA Tester to join our 100% remote team on a full-time basis.  

This role spans our Design, Development and Support teams.  It is focused on quality assurance and troubleshooting with the goal of ensuring we provide a reliable and delightful user experience.

The people you will work with are distributed around the globe but mostly based in the Americas, Europe and New Zealand, so ideally you are located somewhere within these time zones.

Video of you testing GoSkills
During the application process, you will be asked to include a link to a 1-minute video. The video should be of you testing or critiquing any aspect of You might find a bug, you might find something you'd like to improve, you might not find anything wrong particularly – we mainly want to see and hear you thinking out loud about testing. Please share your screen and talk us through what you're doing. 

Primary responsibilities:
  • Be the chief champion for product quality.
  • Work with the Design and Development teams to help plan development and testing of new projects.
  • Work with the Design and Development teams to test developments.
  • Work with the Support team to troubleshoot and prioritize issues arising.
  • Work with the Persona Strategist to define key use cases and UX flows.
  • Regularly test key use cases and flows, and provide suggestions and feedback to other teams.

You’re a perfect fit if: 
  • You can imagine how to navigate through your favorite websites in your head.
  • You like to find and solve problems.
  • You would make an excellent detective.
  • You are persevering and thorough
  • You can handle repetitive tasks and also enjoy trying new things
  • You critique the user experience and design of websites you use
  • You can put yourself in the shoes of others (learner, learning development manager, course creator) and be their advocate.
  • You listen well
  • You speak your mind
  • You write clearly and concisely
  • You are willing to learn and develop your skills
  • You are proactive, and have strong drive and initiative
  • You can work in an environment that isn’t a slave to strict processes. 
  • You have impeccable attention to detail.
  • You have noticed some of these bullet points have a period / full stop, and others don't.
  • You have great communication and interpersonal skills
  • You enjoy turning chaos into order with organization and efficiency – from planning new projects to ensuring projects are completed on time, you love managing every last detail.
  • You have a collaborative attitude and understand that we can only be successful as a team; like everyone else on our team, you are fair, honest and respectful.
  • You have some experience in testing, support, development and/or UX roles.
  • You have experience working remotely and across different teams and time zones.
  • You thrive in start-up environments where wearing many hats and working across teams and time zones is required.

What you get:
  • Remote work: We are a fully remote and distributed team, with our team members spread across 15 countries currently. 
  • Vacation days: 20 days of paid time off a year, plus 12 local public holidays, wherever you are.
  • Work-life balance: Enjoy a flexible day schedule based on your personal daily routine. This is a full time position, so we expect 8 hours of work time per working day on average. We don’t expect crazy long hours, overtime and burn out. We expect good time management skills and high quality output during your regular work hours. 
  • Team retreat: We all travel and meet up at an exotic location for a week about once a year (under normal circumstances) to have fun and get to know each other. Our next retreat is in Costa Rica!
  • Strong team culture: We build and maintain a strong team culture. This includes weekly all-hands Zoom calls, weekly team calls, and virtual catch-ups over tea/beer/coffee. There are no internal politics, we speak up if there are any issues and we treat each other with respect. We also like to be social, kind and fun.
  • Diversity and inclusion: Our team members come from diverse backgrounds from different countries and cultures, and we are equally represented by gender (50:50 ratio), including our co-founders and management team. We value each person’s opinions and unique perspectives. We love to solve problems creatively and collaboratively.
  • Autonomy in your work: We trust you to make the best decisions to achieve your goals. We provide you with enough support to get your work done to a high standard and let you get on with it. We have a flat company structure, we make fast decisions, and iterate quickly. 
  • Personal growth and development: We invest in your long-term growth and development. You will work closely with team members to grow your skill set and we support you with courses, mentorship, training, workshops, and conferences. 
  • Top-notch tech stack: We use Slack, Trello, Google Docs, Google Drive, and Zoom to communicate and collaborate efficiently. 

Why work for GoSkills?
Does the thought of working with a fully remote, bootstrapped team of driven individuals excite you? Do you have the drive to accelerate us on our path to becoming a fast-growing educational company? 

This is your opportunity for a meaningful, long-term role to accelerate your career by being part of the growth of an innovative tech company. Your work will have a real-life impact on people’s lives as we help them learn, upskill and stay relevant in the workplace. 

About our team 
Our team is small and fully distributed, and working remotely is part of our DNA. This means you’ll find a great remote working environment focused around making your day-to-day enjoyable and efficient. 

We are a fun and social bunch, who communicate daily across time zones and continents, and have a strong culture that reflects the following values.

Openness & creativity: Speak up! We encourage open communication, questioning minds and thinking outside the box.

Freedom & equality: Everyone deserves autonomy in their jobs and an equal chance at success.

Fun: Have fun and be silly! Follow your passion, love what you do and don’t take life too seriously :)

About GoSkills
Our mission is to provide a high quality learning experience, so that our learners can gain the right skills to advance their careers and achieve their goals.

Quality & innovation: We hold ourselves to high standards to ensure learners get the best possible experience and achieve real learning outcomes.

Always make the customer happy: Your happiness is our success. We strive to delight our learners with every interaction.

Be good: Treat others as you would like to be treated. We make choices to reflect good moral character and a responsible educator.

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