Azure Architect

Anywhere in the World

Headquarters: Vienna, Austria

Design, implement, and maintain a long-term architecture for all Windows Domain and Azure resources used by PSPDFKit, taking extra-care in documenting ownership and billing.
Work with the Information Security officer to design, implement, and administrate security controls to ensure that Azure based infrastructure is appropriately secured to meet compliance requirements and maintain a least-privilege access model.
Support operations and engineering teams in the design, development, and maintenance of products and services that leverage Azure resources.

3 or more years of experience working on Windows Domains and Azure tenants.
Proven track record of re-architecting and implementing new Azure-based deployments based on changing team requirements and/or merger-related consolidations.
Work experience  in a collaborative remote environment in close contact with application developers and devops engineers.
Understand and embrace the benefits of immutable infrastructure defined with domain-specific tools (e.g. Terraform).
Ability to receive and give feedback - both positive and negative.

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