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URL: https://www.dragonfruitmedia.co/

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Dragonfruit Media is an agency that helps some of the biggest businesses and creators maximize engagement, revenue, and impact on YouTube. We leverage the power of human storytelling to amplify marginalized voices, teach valuable insights, and tackle systemic problems.

Some of the creators our team has helped include Mrbeast, Ali Abdaal, Noah Kagan, Ryan Deiss, David Perell, Sorelle Amore, as well as brands like FTX, Clickup and Linktree. In just the last 12 months, we’ve helped our clients achieve over 184 million organic views.

Our videos cover a diverse set of topics, from Kendrick Lamar’s notetaking style, real estate and global economic trends, study tips, or podcast shows where our clients have interviewed Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and other top tech thought leaders.


About Dragonfruit Media

Why we do it:

  • 🔥 Video is the fastest-growing and most scalable medium for organic customer acquisition

  • 💵 Businesses owning organic distribution channels (vs constantly buying media) will dominate the future of marketing.

  • 🌎 Stories transform lives, and if we can teach millions of people through our client's videos, we are making the world a better place.

Dragonfruit’s values:

  1. You’re Here and You Belong

  • The ability to be vulnerable with each other is the most important predictive factor for our team. Mistakes will not be held against you. Hiccups are not only expected, they are WELCOME, they are the measure of learning.

  1. Clarity is Kindness

  • Saying something clearly and promptly shows you care. We value transparency, vulnerability, and proactivity with communication. We also just straight-up value KINDNESS!!!!

  1. 1% Better Every Day

  • We love to NERD OUT, and love people willing to do the same. There’s so much information out there in the world at our fingertips to make use of to make incremental progress.

4) Extreme Ownership

  • Whenever possible, find ways to take personal responsibility for a situation rather than blaming external circumstances. It’s the most empowered place to learn and make an impact! We like to say “Look in the Mirror, Not Out the Window”

Example Videos

Scalable (Ryan Deiss)

Ali Abdaal

Ana Fabrega 

You’re a good fit if...

  • You are a YouTube NERD - You love watching and making YouTube videos, and better yet, have dug into the analytics backend and looked at retention charts

  • You understand both Premiere Pro and After Effects and have a strong motion graphics and design background (not just simple editing)

  • You know how to create and review editing templates and have managed style guides for clients before

  • You appreciate nuanced sound design and selecting the best music gives you a silly amount of satisfaction

  • You don’t need to be given the same feedback multiple times, you pay attention to revision rounds so that everybody’s time is respected (including yours)

  • You’re an excellent communicator who clarifies instructions and deadlines proactively so that your team can succeed.


  • Edit pilot videos for new clients and help create initial style guidelines

  • Lead editing team

    • Give feedback to our full time and subcontractor editors across editing workflow efficiency, communication, visual and sound design, and project timeliness

  • Video frame.io reviews

    • Leave comments on editor drafts to optimize for viewer engagement and produce the most engaging pieces of content possible

  • Document client-specific guides for retention-specific style

    • Create a written document that explains different areas of YouTube retention

  • Video post mortems

    • Provide a detailed run-through of a video after analytics once available on YouTube and help the team improve workflows for next time


  • Compensation begins on an hourly basis but after a trial period we plan on offering competitive full-time rates up after tenure (full-time team members also receive vacation days and a healthcare stipend)

  • You’ll have consistent work - we expect between 15-30 hours of hourly work a week and will work directly with an account manager who will help guide your workflows. Would be ok with someone ramping up 10 to start

Hiring Process

  • Once you submit your application to the google form below, we will review your responses and reach out to you via email.

  • We’ll assign a trial assignment (very short 70-second video) that is similar to the portfolio above, to evaluate your editing, animation, and communication skills.

  • If you meet the editing style we are looking for, we will conduct a culture fit interview and present a paid project which will simulate the lead editor role

👉 Application form

If interested please fill out this form!

Any questions?  Let us know at hello@dragonfruitmedia.co!

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/dragonfruit-media-lead-video-editor


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