Remote Data Entry For AI Development (Norway)

Europe Only

Headquarters: Mexico City

Earn up to $84 for completing 1000 tasks, each task takes just 12 seconds!.


Listen to & categorize short audio clips

You will listen to short audio clips and determine if contains correctly pronounced Norway accent (as simple as answering Yes or No)

The work that you do will be used for an AI research project.

The Details:
1. Work for this project will start right away. Hours are flexible — you can work whenever you'd like.
2. You can expect Up To $$84 for completing 1000 tasks, which is about ≈3.5 hours of work

If you're interested in participating, please click on the Sign Up Button.

Please note that we are only accepting people currently on Norway. If you are located on another country you won't be able to start on this project. 

To apply:


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