Social Media Manager

Anywhere in the World

Headquarters: Osaka, Japan

**Applicants need to show past work they've done that has led to an increase in revenue on E-commerce sites, generating at least $100k/mo. If you can't 'show and tell' this story, please don't apply**

The Otaku Box is looking for an otaku with proven experience in leading a team for social media marketing for an E-commerce site(s) generating at least $100,000 USD in revenue per month. You'll be working with a team of 15+ marketers directly underneath the CMO to generate revenue via social media posting, tripwire implementation, survey hooks, lots and lots of testing, and much more.

You'll also manage a small team of graphic and video artists to provide the content you need to accomplish the sales goals we'll be setting for you.

You'll also be continually measuring, reporting, and optimizing your efforts.

Please note that this is a performance marketing role: your work must lead to an increase in leads, customers, tripwire sales, and revenue, and you'll be required to track and report how effective your work is and how you can make it more effective.

Necessary Qualifications

- At least 3 years working in E-commerce for websites generating at least $100,000 USD/month as a manager of social media marketing (that means you led a team, you didn't do it all yourself)

- Experience using a leading platform for lead capture, testing, and optimization (you'll have to show us your work)

- Experience with a major ESP (Drip, Klaviyo, Hubspot, etc)

- Knowledge of marketing, E-commerce marketing, and heuristics (you'll have to discuss this with the CMO)

- Enjoy anime and/or manga

- Be a 'Manager of One' (see below!)

Desired Qualifications

- Graphic editing abilities

- Experience with Zapier and/or webhooks

- Experience with TypeForm

- Experience working in the anime/manga industry

- Bilingual/Multilingual

Position Details

This is a full-time contract position that requires being online and working and immediately responsive from 11am-7pm JST time.

Who We Are

The Otaku Box is one of the largest anime subscription boxes, sending customers worldwide a box of exclusive anime loot they can't get anywhere else. Even better, customers get to vote on the loot they receive, which directly influences what goes in the box each month.

IMPORTANT: everyone at The Otaku Box is a Manager of (at least) One

So, what's a manager of one?

A manager of one is someone who ideates and/or identifies new work, implements that work, measures that work, reports on that work, then optimizes that work - without being told, and without excuse

Note that 'work' can be a specific task or a system, process, collaboration, idea, project, and more!

Managers of one do not think or say things like:

"No one told me to do that"

"I wasn't tasked with that"

"That's not my job"

"Someone else was supposed to do that"

"Someone else didn't do something so I couldn't do this"

Managers of one do not do things like:

Allow tasks to run overdue

Fail to respond to comments, updates, and similar

Fail at any of 5 key precepts of being a Manager of One

Make excuses of any kind, ever

Managers of one do things like:

Task themselves with work, both identified and ideated

Optimize their workflow and processes

Identify and then solve their own bottlenecks and those of the larger team

Implement new workflow and processes that not only assist their work but the work of the entire team

Take responsibility for the growth, improvement, and/or forward direction of work, processes, and ultimately the foundation

Have incredible attention to detail

Own their work, responsibility, and role

Continually learn new skills, software, systems, and thought processes

When managers of one have a question, they:

Exhaustively research the problem, learning from a variety of resources, including everyone/anyone involved

Attempt to solve the problem themselves

Failing that, they propose two or more potential solutions for consideration when presenting the problem.

Why do we hire managers of one

We live in a 'gig' economy that pushes wages as low as the lowest person on the planet is willing to accept for a given gig. Uber, Fiverr, etc are all full of people

looking to do told what to do and complete specific jobs for a very low rate. If you're the kind of person that needs to have work dictated to them, you're competing

against many millions of others in the global gig economy, and that's not what we're looking for, which is why this position pays better than 'gig' work.

So, you will need to be a manager of one and ideate and/or identify work, implement that work, measure that work, report that work, and optimize that work!

Hourly: $30 -$60 USD, depending on the level of contractor success

To apply:


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