Online Math Tutor (remote/part-time)

Anywhere in the World

Headquarters: Singapore

About the Math program:

  • Content: Teach courses based on the Singapore Math curriculum to students aged between 4-15 years old, with most students based in the USA.
  • Class Type: One-on-one Trial (25 minutes) and small group regular class (55 minutes) with up to 6 students per class
  • Curriculum: provided by LingoAce
  • Platform: LingoAce Online Classroom
  • Student level: primary grades 2-5

Class Schedule:

  • Long-term:
One-on-one trial: flexible class schedule for prospective students to try out the service and meet the teacher.

Small group regular class: fixed schedule classes with enrolled students, twice a week, lasts 18 weeks for one semester.

* USA peak teaching time for long-term classes:  4am-12pm and 5pm-11pm EST

  • Short-term:
Small group summer camp classes from June to July, 2023: fixed schedule per day, lasts 5 days for one group.
* fixed class schedule (EST):  9AM-10AM | 1PM-2PM | 6PM-7PM | 10PM-11PM from Monday to Friday or on Saturdays


  • Long-term class: $24-$30 USD per hour
  • Short-term class: extra $15 USD fixed rate for summer camp classes, total $39-$45 USD per hour. More groups you take, the more stable income you might earn. (eg. For a round of group classes, you can earn up to $225 USD for five days with 1 hour of teaching time each day. )

What we offer:

  • Work whenever and wherever you want
  • Long-term or short-term flexible teaching schedule that you create
  • Referral incentive
  • Courseware
  • Online support available
  • helpful training resources


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher, a major in Mathematics/Engineering/Science/Technology preferred
  • At least two years of experience teaching Math
  • English-speaker from the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, or New Zealand

Application Process:

  • Fill in the Application
  • Finish a Live Demo lesson
  • Complete your profile and start Teaching
*The whole application process is done online. 

Teaching with LingoAce provides learning opportunities for independent teachers looking to supplement their income. If you meet the above criteria, please feel free to apply now!

To apply: