Why are we looking for them?


Yeah, we know DevOps is an approach, culture, philosophy not a position. But let's be honest, it's an eloquent job title after all :)

What we want to achieve with our DevOps-y approach is to get as close as possible to having all the infrastructure and its processes automated and optimised to the point nobody has to touch it anymore, but it is an Utopia.


What will they do?


Based on the project scope, your responsibilities can range between:

  • creation and maintenance of cloud based infrastructure as code

  • creation and maintenance of different environments (test, development, production)

  • setup of continuous integration and deployment processes

  • setup of monitoring, network, databases, load balancing and reporting

  • improvement of infrastructure security including access rights, encryption, and backups

  • look for new technologies and propose those that fit best to the requirements


Who do we look for?

Must-have qualifications:

  • at least intermediate knowledge of some programming language - Python, Go, Rust

  • hands on experience with containers (Docker, LXC, Podman…)

  • tangible experience with at least one cloud provider (AWS, GCP, Azure)


Preferred qualifications (Let’s be real, no one knows all of the techs & concepts mentioned above. It's a simplified list of what you may get your hands on.):

  • knowledge of OS concepts such as sockets, virtualization, process management, signals

  • lives in terminal (prefers terminal instead of GUI, knows bunch of tools such as awk, sed, grep, cat)

  • knows how to set up & configure web servers (any of NGINX, Apache, Tomcat, Caddy...)

  • knows what forward and reverse proxy is

  • has hands on experience with configuration management (Ansible, Chef, Puppet)

  • has hands on experience with container orchestration (Kubernetes, Nomad)

    • and toolchains around the tech (Helm, Kustomize, stern, kubectx, kubens)

  • has hands on experience with infrastructure provisioning (Terraform, Pulumi)

  • has hands on experience with CI/CD (CircleCI, GitLab CI, GitHub Actions, ArgoCD, Spinnaker)

    • (and knows differences between the CI and CD) 


Interview process for DevOps

Again algorithmic requirements play a key role, however for DevOps the process consists only of two rounds. 

First Round 

The first round is done via our online testing application. The time limit for this round is 8 hours (task is usually finished in 1 - 3 hours), we don't want them to be under time pressure, that's why 8 hours. The task is similar to the first round for the candidates for developer’s position, only a bit easier.

Second Round 

The second round is a one hour tech oriented interview with our DevOps leader. They will be discussing the projects they have been working on, tools they have been using and of course, the types of our projects and usual challenges we face. 




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