Senior Product Analyst



You will be the first hire on our data team, and will be responsible for building out the foundations for our data and our analytical frameworks. You will help us tell stories through data, from whether or not certain features are succeeding, to uncovering interesting aspects of our users behavior.

Examples of the work you will be doing include:

  • Performing analysis on different cohorts of users to understand our users better through data. Understanding what our users really want through the actions they take within the product.

  • Helping us understand our transactions by running SQL queries. Do incentives for spending on eco-friendly merchants work? Are people struggling to topup the card?

  • Building out Mixpanel and Tableau dashboards that help us understand strategically whether the product is doing well. Helping us track things like app opens and deposits.

  • Building the data analytics systems and processes that will allow our data understanding to scale to hundreds of thousands of user.

  • Collaborating with engineers to ensure we gather the right data for product and business insights.

  • Partnering closely with senior leadership to gather requirements for successful dashboard designs, data visualizations, and ad-hoc reports on a timely basis.



  • You have at least 2 years of previous experience with BI tools like Mixpanel, Tableau and SQL.

  • You’ve worked with data analytics on a mobile app before

  • You have a strong product sense, and are able to infer from the data whether the product is doing well

  • A knowledge of statistics is preferred but not required

  • You are an excellent writer - able to communicate and convince people with a structured use of data and clear argumentation.

  • You’re watching the climate crisis unfold with real concern and looking for an opportunity to dive in and make a difference

  • Ready and willing to work as part of a fully dispersed (remote) team.


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