Senior Software Engineer - Front-end, Typescript


The ML tools ecosystem is what JS space was 10 years ago: there’s a clear need for better tools, frameworks, and open standards. ITERATIVE is already a well known company in this fast-evolving space with a big, engaged open-source community. Please consider joining our remote-first team if you love open-source, if you’re interested in building dev tools and simplifying the lives of many, many developers in ML.

Job Description

We’re seeking TypeScript front-end engineers to build our SaaS product and a VS Code UI (to be open sourced soon!) for our popular machine learning tools: DVC (9k+ on GitHub) and CML (3k+ on GitHub).

If you have experience with dev tools like GitHub, UI plugins for Git, etc., you should have some sense what the project is like (if not, check our site).


Tech Stack

  • TypeScript
  • Node
  • React
  • Python (on the backend)


Must have

  • Strong TS/JS/Node experience (5+ years)
  • Excellent communication skills and a positive mindset 🤗
  • Initiative to help shape the engineering practices, products, and culture of a young startup

Nice to have

  • Python or open source experience - good to have
  • Some domain knowledge (DS/ML understanding) - an advantage



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